"Welcome to iBeauty Medispa Beauty & Slimming Centre!"

Our Metalbolite slimming treatments & weight loss programs have garnered well received and visually noticeable results from our clients. Let go of the person you think you should be… and start allowing yourself to be exactly who you are!


Metabolite Slimming Treatment - Proven and award-winning weight loss programs with genuine results.

I-Spot Reduce Therapy - Ideal for spot reduction such as flabby arms, muffin tops, bulging tummy, thunder thighs and cellulitis.


I-Youthful Therapy - Now you can defy aging and stay youthful with this therapy. This is your best pal in overall health management. Come, visit us to witness the result for yourself. We use a combination of professional lymphatic drainage handwork, far-infrared energy and concentrated oxygenation therapy.


V8 Face Contour - Excellent for sagging skin, double chin, puffy face, droopy eyelids.

V8 Bust and Bum Lift - Superb face-contouring properties, also a proven technology for lifting/ firming effect.

Dolly Face Effect - Endorsed by porcelain faced taiwanese celebrities.

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